Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Eid Mubarak

Dont' even get me started on whether Eid is really tuesday or wednesday.

I didn't eat today cuz I didn't know whether I'd be fasting or not (local masjid does eid weds, home does eid tues) so then i decided to go home so i ate and then went home and did eid today. basically i changed my mind halfway thru the day about when to do eid. lol

So before today I'm thinking, this won't really feel like Eid, it'll suck. Today first thing after I get out of my apt, I see a cute young Pakistani couple with a kid around 5 years old all decked out in Eid clothes taking the pink line with me to the loop. Then somehow God makes it easier for me alhamdulillah to get a decent amount of work done so that I can go home, and mama says just don't fast and come home. I go home and on the train home, some random guy asked me how to pronounce Eid ul Fitr and said they were debating it today lol. Then at the Westmont stop, I randomly look out the window and see this uncle in white shalwar kameez next to his car, and a guy who looked like his son next to him. They were both smiling so much mA it looked like a scene out of a storybook. The son was either coming from the train and going home or leaving home and coming to the train. The man handed the kid a white envelope and it was so beautiful to witness that small thing.

And then, lots of food, crazy kids in dawats, random people i've never met at parties, etc. It felt like Eid :)

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