Friday, November 11, 2011


Insha'Allah (God Willing) planning to go to Pakistan this winter. Traveling is a blessing, and I am so excited. On the way there so in airports and while in the air, you see people from all walks of life, it's so interesting being in an area with so many people who all have such different backgrounds & baggage with them. If I could, I'd talk to all of them and learn about them, their stories, their lives, and their perspectives. I sort of feel this way when I'm walking or taking the El through downtown Chicago to/from/around school.

Then going there is SUCH a reality check. Recently my mom asked me a serious life question that I've been working on figuring out lately, and I knew that by the time I come back from Paki I'll know the answer and I'll let her know then. Going abroad, away from the comfort zone, makes you learn so much about yourself it's crazy. You learn what your values, perspectives, and feelings are.

Interestingly, every time I've gone to a country like Pakistan or Egypt, I always realize how American I am. I'm so damn American it's hilarious. And then coming back to O'Hare international airport, I always get really excited hearing English in the airport and seeing other Americans everywhere. Funny how I see myself relating more to people who think I have nothing in common with them.

Going to Pakistan means seeing family. Seeing people who are blood relatives, who love and care about you so much that they would do anything, is an amazing feeling and I'm so lucky to have a close-knit family. It also reminds you that having these people around means you don't need anyone else. Gives you that sense of attachment that many of us look for unnecessarily.

This time I'm going for a cousin's wedding. I'll also be working at a Human Rights Organization in Pakistan and I'll blog/tweet about that, or try to. Desi music & weddings make me very emotional, in a good happy way. A human rights organization in Pakistan will probably make me emotional but in a negative way. Hopefully they'll somewhat balance each other out so that I can return with some sort of sanity and refreshed & inspired for the second semester of law school.

Anyway, this is probably the only thing that will get me through these next 6 weeks of hell.

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