Thursday, May 5, 2011


"Beautiful," by Boonaa Mohammed

Last night while talking to a friend about wearing a scarf (hijab), it renewed my own reasons for wearing it, alhamdulillah. This poem says it better than I can though. The one line that sticks out from this poem is a thought that I have had in my head ever since I put it on.

‎"Maybe she isn't perfect, but maybe she's trying."

Before I started wearing a scarf, I assumed that everyone who wore it was like this perfect Muslim girl who had no issues or flaws. But then when I saw people wearing it who were so "human," who made it look possible to me, it made me think I can do it too. Everyone has flaws and everyone is human. The scarf is just a token of our attempt to become a better person, and that's all we're asked to do - to just try.

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