Monday, August 8, 2011

My journey to find myself

The title of this is a joke. I don't think that cliche, proper, formal, resume-like blogs are useful or necessary, or even appealing. I guess sometimes people feel a need to prove to themselves that they are indeed the world's next leader. Let's calculate: the population of the world as of 3:08pm on 8/8/2011 is 6,775,235,700. That one person that went to some ivy league school in which they were told they are the best of the best, everyone wants to be like them, and that they are tomorrow's leader - sorry but we still have to be realistic. 1 out of 6.7 billion people is not much. So, these blog posts where people write in proper language such as this diction I am utilizing right now does not make one look smarter, it just looks douche-y and self-obsessed. Plus, the world doesn't need more of those lol. #jussayin


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