Thursday, December 1, 2011

Life. Goes. On.

This day last year there I was at University of Illinois, it was a Friday (Dec. 1st) and I remember this night. I was working a shift at a school event since I worked at The Career Center, but it was a fun event so I didn't mind. My friends came to visit me, 3 girls, and when it was over (12am) we left the Union building and it was the first real snowfall of the year. We went to the quad, behind the Union, and there were hundreds of people out and having fun and snowball fighting. It wasn't even that cold. It was BEAUTIFUL though. I'll post pics on the bottom of this post. Then I went back to the "Blues" apartments with those girls and lots of MSA people (muslim students association) who all live in the blues came out and we had a massive snowball fight. At this point in my life, I had 3 weeks left to graduate undergrad. On the morning of this day, at about 11am, I checked my email and I had received my 1st law school acceptance letter, from DePaul University, which is where I'm at now. It's so weird that this day was one year ago. I remember it so clearly.

So much has changed since then. I graduated, lots of people graduated. People broke up, people got together. Friends split, and friends were made. Love happened and it faded. My grandma passed away. Terrible things happened, and good things happened. No matter what, life moves on. Today it's snowing. The first time this winter in Chicago. It was the same day last year it snowed for the first time for that winter as well. People die, people are born, love happens and its lost, people's lives are ruined and people's lives are completed, the best of miracles occur and the worst of tragedies occur. But time is this momentum. No matter what happens, the first snow of the season will always come. The leaves will always grow back though and the sun will always shine down. Nothing is still, or frozen. Flowers will bloom, and they'll stay for a while. Then they'll slowly die. The leaves will turn orange, yellow, blood-red. It will be beautiful. Then those leaves will fall, and the trees will become dead again, beautiful in its nakedness. And then there will be a first snow of the season again.

One of my main reasons for my love of Chicago is its constant season-changing. Every season carries with it a different mood, a different feel, different memories, and different passions. But most of all, the change of seasons reminds you that no matter what happens, it's okay. Life. Goes. On.

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