Sunday, February 19, 2012

Feel, and feel with all your heart.

When you blast the music so loud it interrupts your thoughts and your other sensations, until your thoughts and feelings become in sync with it, you think at the beat of the music, you feel at the rhythm of the song, you relate to the dynamics of the melody.

That is the beauty of music of art of expression and of feeling. Would you rather not feel or feel too much? Emotion is the most beautiful of God's gifts given to us, so feel, and feel with all your heart. To put feelings aside because you're afraid of the bad feelings is to distrust yourself, it is to take for granted the ability to feel emotion, it is to discredit this beautiful gift and to be a coward.

Surrender to your feelings. Stop controlling your feelings so much. Put logic and reason and rationale aside for 30 seconds and let your heart go. Just to see what it does. Don't worry, it won't abandon you, it won't break your trust. Just try it.

Give your brain a rest. In this world, emotion is seen as weak. It shouldn't be. Emotion and the ability to let yourself feel it is the strongest thing a person can do. Write, and write from the heart. Or paint, and paint from the heart. Stop thinking and just DO. And then, stop doing and just BE. It's a beautiful thing, I swear.

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