Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Reason for Night

Why does Night exist?

At this very moment I am convinced that these are the reasons for night.

Night time is so that we can start over. It is to regain our hope. It is a reminder for us that life moves on, the world moves on.

If someone dies one day, the fact that night comes and then another day means to us that even though they died our own life hasn't ended.

Night is a constant in our life. It is something we can always rely on, something by nature and by God (how do people see this miracle of constant, reoccurring nighttime, by the clock, and not believe in God?). We know it will come no matter what. If the day isn't going so well, there's always night time, and if the night doesn't go well, there's always tomorrow. Night is this mysterious beautiful dark transition into the next day.

The stars and moon at night are a reminder for us that we aren't the center of the world, and that even our world is not at the center of the universe. It puts things into perspective. Imagine if we looked up at the stars and moon every night - that reality check can only be healthy and good for us. It is a chance at spirituality. It is this mysterious time when the world shuts down. Sometimes it's just you and that special person. Sometimes it's just you with your thoughts and soul. Sometimes it's just you with God; people pray their best at night. People's true characters come out at night. People paint their best at night, write their best at night, think at night. It's a break from the world because the world shuts down, leaving you on to do what you want. One of the reasons I don't sleep too much is because I love this time, I don't want to waste it.

I have proof. Dreams are our subconscious - which is us getting in touch with ourselves. Sometimes parts of my personality or my current thoughts are revealed to me from the dreams I had the night before - I realize I'm worried about something or stressed about something, that my conscious mind didn't exactly accept earlier. Sheikh Hussain Abdul Sattar in Chicago did a lecture on dreams in Islam. He said that the deeper we are into our sleep, the higher our soul transcends to the heavens, and returns to us when we are in lighter sleep or about to wake up. My soul really likes to chill up there apparently because I sleep deep. Anyway, it is for this reason the dreams right before we wake up (for Fajr) are the truest. Sometimes we have deja vu - which is when we have experienced something in a dream before it happens in reality, from our sixth sense which everyone has a little of. This part is proof of being alone with God at night. That can't happen accidentally. One of the reasons for Tahajjud and Qiyams in Ramadan, I believe, is all of the aforementioned thoughts.

Life goes on, no matter what. Night will come, no matter what. We will make it to tomorrow, hopefully and expectedly. We never know though. What a coincidence that someone's true character comes out at night, and this may be the last of our character the world witnesses before we die. Blows my mind that we never know. Anyway, nighttime is precious. I never appreciate it more than when I need a new chance at things, a newfound hope, a new beginning. Life goes on, and there's always another chance to do it right. We're given chances because we are loved. We are not expected to be perfect, we're just expected to try all over again, tomorrow. This is one of life's greatest blessings.

Good night.

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