Sunday, July 24, 2011

A land far far away

I miss Egypt. When I think of my experience in Egypt, I don't think of the pyramids or the people or the country itself. I think most of the bittersweet feeling I got being so far away. I miss the slight discomfort I felt when I would be reminded that I am so detached from "my world," and I miss even more the forced comfort that I'd subconsciously make myself feel, through knowing that I was not alone in my endeavors. I miss not understanding the language, and walking around like a stranger, with the knowledge that I could run into no one that I knew or recognized. I miss the heavy responsibility of knowing that I was solely responsible for each of my actions, with no one there to judge me, advise me, or punish me. We don't realize how much power we have until we feel that responsibility. The ability to see everything at "home" from a distant perspective is like shrinking your entire life and your world into a bubble and taking a look at it from outside. Traveling and experiencing this is not a luxury, it's a necessity. Reality checks are necessary.

A city like Cairo, so full of life and chaos, so alive with nightlife and noise, so comforting with hospitable people and God's homes - is perfect for this type of break. Advice: travel, and take a break.

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