Saturday, July 30, 2011

twitter is useful

A few days ago from the CAIR office, I had an argument with Trevino - Former President Bush's speech-writer. It was more like I was responding to his attacks on another intern and on Ahmed Rehab, so then he tried insulting me but it didn't work because I responded but when I asked him to answer some questions about what the issue was in the first place, he couldn't answer them. Hate to generalize, but nowadays many of these Republican leaders are super hypocritical. For example, O'Reilly regarding the Norway issue. Anyway, point is - this argument was fun, and it's sort of cool to know you can directly communicate with someone like Trevino. BTW, I don't understand how this dude who has some sort of hispanic/latino background is hardcore Republican. He has a tilda in his last name and writes speeches for Bush in which Bush talks about his anti-immigration-from-Mexico bullshit. #hypocrisy.


  1. money can do strange things to people.

  2. Alhamdulilah! I applaud the action you took in the face of foolishness! I too could NEVER understand how anyone who is not upper middle class white in america could possibly consider themselves as a republician!?!? Reading the situation you were in and how you approached it is both wise and comical :)

    Ryan Wesley W